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Rothco Active Flex Canvas Work Pant

Item #: 62080 Price: $49.99

Built to keep you comfortable and on-the-move throughout the day, our Active Flex stretch technology is ready to tackle any challenge head on, offering flexibility and ease of movement. From outdoor expeditions to field work, Rothco’s high-performance stretch material moves with you. Get the job done in a pair of our Active Flex Canvas Work Pants!

  • Long-Lasting Work Ready Fabric: Constructed with 98% cotton canvas and 2% spandex, these rugged cargo pants are tough as nails while remaining comfortable for any task at hand. This blend is also made to withstand rigorous outdoor conditions and will stand the test of time.
  • Tried-And-True Reliability: The flexible work pant is reinforced in the knees for maximum durability that endures wear and tear while supporting a full range of motion. The double-stitched seams provide extra strength and years of reliable use. These comfort stretch pants are perfect for outdoor adventuring, work, casual use, and more.
  • Low-Profile Cargo Pockets: These canvas pants feature cargo pockets that keep your tools close to you. Inside the right pocket is an internal tech-pocket geared for securing your phone and other electronic equipment.
  • Utility at the forefront: These comfortable work pants utilize a heavy-duty button closure and zipper fly. The 2 front slash pockets feature a utility notch that is designed to easily carry tools and gear with clip mounts. The 2 rear pockets and change pocket on the right side offer additional storage space.
  • straight fit: The cargo pants fit with slight ease through the seat, thigh, and knee with a straight leg. These versatile pants provide a tailored look that stands tall in the workplace while offering unparalleled comfort and flexibility you can rely on.
  • Cotton, Spandex
  • CHN
  • Zipper
  • 8
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex
  • 32 Inches, 30 Inches

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