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Rothco ECWCS Gen III Mid-Weight Underwear Top (Level II)

Item #: 69030 Price: $54.99

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Rothco’s ECWCS Gen III Mid-Weight Underwear Top (Level II) is the perfect base layer for extreme cold weather. Part of the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS), the cold weather top is designed to keep active-duty personnel warm and comfortable all day. Made from a breathable, moisture wicking grid fleece material that's ideal for layering, so it won't get too hot or impede your movement. The zip collar allows the undershirt to be worn as a turtle neck as well, and anti-odor properties make sure it lasts for years of warm wear. The long back tail gives extra coverage and thumb holes keep the sleeves in place. Don't forget to check out the matching mid-weight underwear bottoms, also available from Rothco!

  • POWERFUL INSULATION: Get ready to dominate the elements with this superior underwear top featuring grid fleece material, made for breathability and moisture-wicking ability. Perfectly designed so you can layer up no matter what outdoor activity awaits!
  • ACTIVE-DUTY APPROVED: A must-have for any active-duty personnel in cold climates, the ECWCS Warm Base Layer Shirt is essential gear to keep you mission ready when the temperature drops.
  • REFINED LOOK: Get the best of both worlds with the sleek Zip Collar. It offers all-in-one versatility, transforming your undershirt from a classic turtle neck to an effective base layer for any activity!
  • FULL COVERAGE: Stay prepared and protected while on the move with this tactical base layer. Its extended back tail ensures total coverage when crouching or moving, while its thumb holes keep your sleeves in place through any challenges you may encounter!
  • BETTER TOGETHER: Stay warm and look sharp this winter with Rothco's matching mid-weight cold weather bottoms. Get insulated from the elements in style!
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  • 97% Poly / 3% Spandex
  • Polyester, Spandex
  • Yes
  • Adult
  • Cold Weather
  • Zipper
  • CHN
  • Yes

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