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Rothco Magnesium Firestarter with Striker

Item #: 2782 Price: $12.99

Rothco’s Magnesium Firestarter with Striker features a lightweight and compact design that makes it perfect for camping or EDC (everyday carry).

  • Use the steel striker to scrape the magnesium bar for easy-to-light tinder (Measures 3 inches X 1 inch X 3/8 inches)
  • Integrated flint-strike edge for producing fire starting sparks (Measures 3 inches)
  • Ball chain connects the flint-strike to the magnesium bar for easy carrying
  • Instruction sheet included
  • Firestarter Is a Great addition to your Bug Out Bag or EDC (everyday carry)
  • CHN
  • Steel, Magnesium
  • Magnesium Bar: 3 Inches x 1 Inch x 3/8 Inches, Integrated Flint-Strike Edge: 3 Inch Length
  • 255

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