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The roots of Rothco go back to Milton Somberg recycling used clothing on Great Jones Street in New York City. From there he built a military surplus business, taking excess and used goods from the U.S. military and selling it to Army/Navy stores around America and around the world.

Today, from our long-lasting, classic military clothing and gear to our corporate energy-saving initiatives, Rothco is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Our green initiatives go beyond saving money; it is about reducing our carbon footprint and helping preserve our planet. Below we have highlighted some sustainability initiatives Rothco has taken over the past few years to improve the environment. 

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Combat Tested Clothing

Rothco’s clothing is rooted in authentic military heritage; from the iconic M-65 Field Jacket to our B.D.U Pants, these items evoke the feeling of a true timeless classic. Not only will these pieces outlast any fashion trend, but they have also been designed and manufactured under the most rigorous quality guidelines ensuring long-lasting durability. The longer our products last, the less strain we put on the environment. Timeless classics that are built to last equal clothing you can wear for a lifetime.

Solar Efforts

Over the past decade, Rothco has taken tremendous strides to ensure our 205,000+ Sq Ft headquarters are run lean, mean, and green. 

In 2019, Rothco installed one of the largest privately-owned solar energy systems on Long Island, New York. The system is expected to produce 2,150,000 kWh of electricity annually and will reduce Rothco’s carbon footprint by more than 2,900,500 pounds of CO2 a year. The system’s environmental benefits are equivalent to powering 302 homes for a year or saving 148,274 gallons of gas annually.


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Energy Saving Lighting 

In 2017, Rothco retrofitted our headquarters’ inefficient lighting fixtures and lamps to energy-saving LED lighting. We upgraded the lighting system throughout the building, replacing more than 1,040 fluorescent lighting fixtures and incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient lighting and installing nearly 650 occupancy sensors. With lighting accounting for the largest portion of the energy used in commercial buildings, typically around 25-30 percent (according to the U.S. Department of Energy), it is estimated Rothco will save more than 371,041 kWh a year. 

Paperless Billing 

Rothco offers paperless billing options for all its 10,000 plus dealers. Going paperless not only cuts down on paper production, but it also helps reduce greenhouse gas emission and water waste. 

Recycling Program

Rothco’s offices are equipped with both paper and recycle receptacles. Also, Rothco has removed all disposable paper, plastic, and Styrofoam cups from our headquarters and we encourage employees to use reusable utensils, cups, and coffee mugs. 

Planning for the Future

Over the next year, Rothco will be implementing a custom ERP software solution. The new software will reduce paper from pick tickets, reports, and electronic documents methods like invoicing and statements, more efficient packing requiring less shipping materials.


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