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February 20, 2018 8:00 pm

What's your favorite Rothco gear? Shop the look below by searching for a local Rothco dealer near you: — Products shown: Rothco Classic Military Jungle Boots, Rothco Digital Camo Tactical BDU Pants, GI .30 & .50 Caliber Ammo Cans - Surplus, Rothco Camo T-Shirts, Rothco Woodland Camo Stainless Steel Camo Flask, Rothco Jumbo 80MM Carabiner With Web Strap Key Ring, Rothco Carabiner Compass, Rothco Boonie Hat - MultiCam, Rothco Classic Camo Bandana and 2 others. See Post

February 21, 2018 3:50 pm

Did you know you can fit ALL of this and more into the Undercover Travel Vest? # See Tweet

Enter To Win A Rothco Bug Out Bag

Enter To Win A Rothco Bug Out Bag

We’ve reached 100,000 followers on Facebook and to celebrate we’re giving away some awesome Rothco gear! One lucky winner will receive a Rothco Medium Transport Pack full of the ultimate Rothco Survival gear. The following list of Rothco gear will be awarded to the grand prize winner:

Rothco Medium Transport Pack BoB
Aurora Fire Starter
Rothco Military Marching Compass
Rothco Trainmen Bandana
Rothco Camo Duct Tape
Rothco Shemagh
Rothco 550LB Paracord
Rothco MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch
Rothco Large Paracord Knife w/Fire Starter
Rothco Deluxe Chow Set
Rothco Survival Manual
Rothco G.I. Style Mess Kit
G.I. Issue Water Pure Powder Packets
Rothco Multi Tool
Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes
Rothco Portable Commando Cooker
XMRE Entree
Rothco Survival Tent
Rothco Large Signal Mirror
Rothco Canteen Kit
Rothco 5-in-1 Survival Tool
Rothco LED Hand Crank Swivelhead Flashlight
Rothco 5-in-1 Multi Purpose Tool
Rothco Emergency Poncho
Rothco PVC Patch

We’ll also be giving away our Water Bottle Survival Kit to other lucky winners. Interested in winning? All you have to do is like our Facebook page and submit your information on the form below. Want an even better chance of winning? Use #RothcoBugginOut on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a picture of you and your favorite Rothco gear and you'll receive an additional entry in the drawing. Before entering, read the entry rules and regulations.
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