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Rothco MAP & MSRP

To ensure the success and profitability of our dealers, Rothco has a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy for selected Rothco products. MAP pricing will allow our dealers to make a reasonable profit on Rothco products at a fair price to the consumer. MAP Pricing will also ensure the long-term viability and value of the Rothco brand for all of us. 

Rothco MAP policy requires that dealers advertise the Rothco products at or above the minimum advertised price via the internet: Amazon, eBay, dealer internet sites, e-commerce, or any other method which uses the hypertext transfer protocol (“http”) or any internal link to a web-based shopping cart and is considered advertising for the purposes of this policy. A "click for price" or “price not displayed” button on a website that displays a price lower than MAP is a violation of this policy. The policy also extends to traditional media advertising such as print, radio and television.

Rothco’s MAP policy also restricts bulk discounts on published volume offers such as “Spend $XX and received a XX% Discount”. Any such discount or promotion that would cause the per unit sales price to be advertised at less than the minimum advertised price is considered to be a violation of the spirit of our policy. Having such an offer is only viable if it explicitly excludes Rothco products with minimum advertised pricing.

Rothco will monitor compliance with this policy. With respect to products for which a Minimum Advertised Price is specified on the current Rothco price list, it is Rothco’s unilateral policy to allow twenty-four (24) hours to bring advertising into compliance or Rothco will cease supplying all products to the customer until all prices are brought into compliance, to any dealer whose advertising of the product (or to any distributor who sells to a dealer whose advertising of the product) (i) fails to display a price equal to or greater than the Minimum Advertised Price for the product as specified on the current Rothco price list. (ii) contains a price lower than the Minimum Advertised Price set forth in the current Rothco Price List. In addition, selling Rothco product to unauthorized re-sellers, including Amazon, may result in the loss of your Rothco Account. If you are unsure of any such transactions, please contact Rothco.

Rothco’s unilateral policy is to cease supplying all products for a period of seven (7) days and the specific product category for a period of thirty (30) days for any second violation and to cease supplying all products for a period of fourteen (14) days and the specific product category for a period of one (1) year for any subsequent violation of this policy as noted above. MAP pricing is posted in the Rothco Dealer Price List and the Dealer Tools section at 

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