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Testimonials from Rothco Dealers

"Thank you, honestly the most exceptional service I’ve experienced in 20 years of being in this industry."
- Josh, Tactical Gear Distributor 

"Thank you very much for your email. Krystal has worked tirelessly the last few days working with us to resolve the issue and we truly appreciate it. I expressed to her that out of all of our suppliers, Rothco is unquestionably #1 when it comes to service and responsiveness to its customers. I must also mention Ted Statharos. He is an incredible member of your sales team and never skips a beat if we have a question. For the times when we have issues (and they are EXTREMELY rare!), Rothco has always been there to help. Thank you for working with us. This is yet another example of exceptional customer service."
- Len Rivera, On Scene, Inc.

"Just Incredible! Your attention to shake out this order in the time frame that you had in the 11th hour Wow, kudos to you and the Rothco Team just fantastic. It is a pleasure to do business with Rothco on a one-to-one and to understand your customer’s needs."
- Pat Chierichella, Fatigues Army Navy Gear Company 

"Also, keep up the great work as we received our first order from Rothco last week and we are very happy with the quality of service and products received. A big thank you to all the Team at Rothco."
- Law Enforcement Gear

"I just wanted to commend you and everyone at Rothco on your incredibly fast turnaround times. I was updating some purchase orders today to make up for my half-day on Friday, and I noticed that I already have the tracking information on a PO that I submitted to you Friday morning. I almost take you guys for granted sometimes. Every shipment it seems is out the door the same day or the following day, and I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys on behalf of myself, ADS, and of course our customers. Keep up the fantastic work guys."
- Matthew Couch, ADS, Inc.

"It is a pleasure to be able to count on Rothco, our store wouldn't be the same without them."
- Dan Turrittin, Boise Army Navy 

"Thank you so much for all of your help. Thank you too for the great customer service your company always gives us."
- GST Outfitters
"Rothco is faster than some companies that ship with "same day shipping" in LA locally! Many of them it will take a week to get out."
- Jamie, Surplus Store, L.A.
"We really appreciate your time and the wonderful products that Rothco carries. It is an honor that we can offer such great products to our U.S. Military Veteran members."
- Maynard Anderson, Vetfriends
"Please be sure to compliment the team that works on pulling all this information together for us. I like people working hard and smart to continuously improve what they are doing. Highlighting the changes visually and on separate tabs is *extremely* helpful. The added feature of highlighting new products and putting them on a separate tab should help our company and other Rothco dealers focus on sales growth in new products."
- Dave Peterson, Ace Mart Stores

"Customer Service, Delivery, Product Quality, and Problem Resolution A+. My customer changed color after viewing the shipment. Rothco and its employees had the problem resolved within 5 minutes. We expect a new shipment by Monday. Thank you."
- Kelly, K & M Expressions, Mason, OH

"We have been in business for 30 years this month. Thanks, Rothco for helping us get here!"
- First Army Supply

"Over the years I’ve noticed the more business I’ve done with Rothco the greater my gross sales have been. I don’t know where I would have been without Rothco."
- Irv Wolfwitz, Evan's Army Navy

"Fastest out of all of my distributors! Thank you for the quick reply. So far you've been the fastest out of all of my distributors."
- Josh, Hobby Town USA

"I always admire your ever-improving attitude and super-efficient operation. We can all learn from you.
- Shizuko Kitagawa, Global Connection Co.

"You guys ROCK! I do NOT get this type of service from 99.9% of the other vendors I work with. Thank You."
- Ceylon Blackwell, CBB Enterprises

"Thanks. I appreciate the great customer service from your company!"
- Christopher Storm, Battle Boy Surplus

"I wanted to thank you all for the 20 years of service that Rothco has provided me. At one time or another, every salesperson there has done something nice for me and please let them know that."
- Barbara Carlisle, Surplus Unlimited, Gillette, WY

"Just wanted to say thank you to the entire Rothco Staff for helping us achieve a phenomenal October! We sold x individual Rothco items last month, up from last October. Sales at retail for your items were up 19%. We could not have done this without the incredible shipping prowess you guys display. I think we got 6 orders in just last week and it made Halloween that much better. You guys have it down pat and I appreciate it."
 - Jeff Goldsmith, President, Joe's Army Navy Surplus
"In the last three or four years, I don’t know what I would do without Rothco stuff. Rothco is doing really great. The number of items you have is unbelievable. And you are the only ones who come with a new 2011 catalog before the year is even over. I cannot believe how big your catalog has become."
- Moiz Ranijiwala, Alameda Army Navy

"You're one of the very few manufacturers who take any notice of customer suggestions, so well done! Congrats to you and your whole team. Dealing with Rothco over all these years has been a very pleasant experience which is rare these days!"
- Chris Green, Kit Bag

"I want to thank you and everyone at Rothco for everything that they have done. I have had nothing but great experiences with everyone there whether it be by email or phone. I would not be able to do what I do without you folks there. Thanks again."
- Dydrstorm Sales

"I wore my Rothco''s M-65 in black color for 5 years, and I can say that it is a great jacket, high quality, great value, very durable, and very comfortable - much more comfortable than the original M-65 jacket for me. The zipper on Rothco's jacket is perfect!"
- Roman, MilitaryZone, Russia


"You guys are great. Customer service had an issue, called us right away about it and it was taken care of. You always quote promptly with all the info I ask for. I think I've told you before, but I wish all my suppliers were as easy to deal with as Rothco."
- John Naughton, Glendale Industrial Supply

"Thanks, Toni you are a blessing to our company. The customer service is outstanding!"
- Gina Akers, U.S. Patriot 

"I placed my first order with Rothco about 4 months ago. I had just opened my store's doors and had unpleasant experiences with other vendors. I spent two weeks hovering over my mailbox waiting for what I assumed to be a $1000+ shipping bill, but instead, I found a lovely "Thank You" card from Rothco. "Thanks for doing business with us." No, Rothco. Thank you! Much love."
- Park Ave Army-Navy Outlet

"I have ordered from hundreds of companies and I have never seen a company that is as dedicated to their stores as Rothco, you all are amazing with your fast shipping!!! I couldn’t ask for any better customer service."
- Betty Crockett, Crocketts Country Store

"I am a federal paramedic, female, and my job required constant lifting and high temperatures. The right pants for a female paramedic are really hard to find, especially for someone as small as me. I had a company I used to buy from that actually discontinued their line. Please keep your EMS pants for women, they are wonderful. I bought one pair to try and today purchased two more because I love them so much. I will be sending every EMS female I know in your direction! They are the perfect fit, the perfect cut, the elastic band is a must, and they are comfortable in the heat. I just want to thank your company for realizing there is a market for these pants. Too often companies just can’t get it right. I don’t normally write reviews but it means so much to me to have great comfortable pants that I just had to. So thank you again! I will be sure to spread the word!"
- Heather Grant, NREMTP


"I would just like to comment about how when I call or email anyone with Rothco, how great the service is. I'm serious. It feels like I'm the only customer Rothco has when I speak to a representative of your company. Now, I know that this should be standard service for a business; however, it isn’t just standard service with Rothco. It's an outstanding quality of service. For this, I'd like to salute you. Then I get the call from sales thinking about my business when you have specials or closeouts. Some folks may see that as intruding. I don't. I see that as a business leader thinking about their customer and making sure the customer is able to take advantage of the markets available...Businessman through and through...And Rothco relieves my fears by staying on top of things. I realize I may be a small business but feel like an industry leader with Rothco backing me up. Thank you very much, my friends."
- Dan Gaddy,

"This 9980 ECWCS Polar Fleece Jacket/Liner is great as a jacket liner or by itself. Very warm and zippers work great for regulating your temperature when your activity escalates."
- Adele Cossette, Tempered Apparel

I am in the Texas State Guard. I was called to Active Duty Hurricane Katrina in 12-hour shifts and not one blister. Best boot I own, wish they made them in Tan.
- Laura Mae's Variety Store

"Ya'll have great products! Thumbs up to all of you!"
- David Rico, J & S Wholesale

"If you are selling the booty shorts you need the matching tank to go with it. If you aren’t selling these…what are you waiting for?
- Jim Nesmith, Jim’s G I Depot

I recently visited the US and where I purchased a pair of trousers, (Style 7901), and can honestly say I was more than pleased with my purchase. As a former Infantry Sergeant Major and current armed response police officer, I have years of experience in the variety of clothing on the market, so I think I speak with some authority."
- Mr. M J Watts

"Just wanted to let you guys know that your light sticks are the best ones available. I live in North Alabama where we had the tornado last week and our power was off for 6.5 days. I had an assortment of light sticks from another maker and you. Your light sticks far outshined the others in brightness. I used you 707 and 715 sticks and I found that it took 3 of the store-bought sticks to equal one Rothco stick in brightness. I have to restock now and will only buy your light sticks. Thanks for selling a great product."
- Phil Owen

I just bought your #5795 tech bag, a special iPad size, and I love it! That's why I asked about locations in BC, so I can tell my friend in Vancouver. Thanks again!
- Jim S

"I just need to tell you that you have made an amazing first impression on my husband and me. The service provided is excellent, better than ANY other wholesale distributors I have dealt with. The boots are awesome and we plan on purchasing more today. Thanks so much for your absolutely excellent service”.
- Diane, JAM Apparel

"Thank you for all your help in making my tactical department a success."
- Mary, Canfields

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