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First Responder Support & Thin Blue Line Items

First Responder Support Gear

Thin Line items highlight the support for our first responders and protective services each color represents a particular group or organization. Below Rothco has highlighted the symbolic meanings behind the each of The Thin Line Colors. 

Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line Shows Respect And Support For Police And Law Enforcement Officials

Thin Red Line 

The Thin Red Line Shows Respect And Support For Firefighters

Thin Gree Line

The Thin Green Line Shows Respect and Support for Federal Agents such as Border Patrol, Park Rangers, and Conservation Personnel. The Thin Green Line Can Also Represent the Military 

Thin White Line

The Thin White Line Shows Respect And Support for Emergency Medical Services

Thin Silver Line

The Thin Silver Line Shows Respect And Support For Correctional Officers


Proceeds from the purchase of Rothco's First Responder Thin Line Collection benefits families of fallen first responders. Learn more about Answer The Call here

View Rothco's collection of Thin Blue Line, Thin Red Line and other first responder support gear here

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